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In cooperation with the Al Arabi Magazine – Media Ministry hosted a forum (Arabic) XIV titled ' The Culture of Tolerance and Peace ', where academics, experts and creative minds submitted their abstract visions in several cultural and historic themes and analyzed the present and future of the country. Humanitarian organizations were then honored for their contribution in the awareness of tolerance culture and peace, including alleviating human suffering in all parts of the world, without discriminating on any grounds.

HORECA Kuwait, a wide-ranging event covering the hospitality, catering and food industry sectors in Kuwait and the region, is the country’s number one hospitality and food exhibition. More than 6,000 professionals and decision makers visited the event in 2016.

Now a days, world economies are depending more and more on tourism sector and in particular GCC countries.
Kuwait, too is seeing an increasing need for tourism strategies and planning in the light of international and local factors.
These factors are the reasons behind organizing Conference for “Tourism and Development in Kuwait: Present and Outlook”. The discussion is focused on the need for an internal,cultural, social and national tourism, and on the importance of making tourism sector a purpose to be built and invested in, so that it could support the local economy and contribute to making Kuwait a financial and commercial hub.

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On the second day of Conference on tourism and development in Kuwait almthadtho discussed in a ' national vision for sophisticated and sustainable tourism

On the second day of Conference on tourism and development in Kuwait almthadtho discussed in a ' national vision for sophisticated and sustainable tourism ': the Act establishing the public authority for tourism and the role of youth and SME participants continued in the ' tourism and Development Conference in Kuwait: reality and future ' discussions (Wednesday 30 March 2016) discussed in the second and final day session chaired by the President of the Organizing Committee of noble Mubarak alangri axis towards the national vision for sophisticated and sustainable tourism in Kuwait ' involving a member of the National Assembly Ahmed lari, senior officials in government agencies On elements of tourism.
Attorney Ahmed Haji Larry decision priorities in Parliament Member Ahmed Larry focused on ' tourism investment and its importance in seeing new reform and development in Kuwait, he highlighted the proposal in law on the establishment of the General Commission for tourism and the importance of the Commission on tourism Renaissance. The draft refers to the important role of this body in public policy for the country's tourism, development and promotion of organized internally and externally, and gives the Commission authority to supervise and control all installations and activities and tourism services in the State, including identifying tourist areas and the licensing of facilities and activities and tourism services and tourist classification and preparation of plans and programmes for tourism development and tourism affairs organs development.
That ensures better tourist service with set prices for the service provided. The project also stressed the role of this independent body in promoting the tourism industry through the Organization of conferences and seminars on tourism affairs and tourism awareness and encourage citizens. In terms of structural and project configuration to be Board members of the authority of government agencies concerned and is the Council on preparing tourism development plans and programmes and support to promote tourism and develop and monitor standards for that and various tourist activities. He also noted that the economic reform policy provided for the promulgation of tourism.
Ensure the independence of shayeji good performance and explained to the agent and regulatory Department counselor Hoda alـshayji IAEA role in examining the proposal in law on the establishment of the General Commission for tourism, said that the Department of legal advice and legislation met with Ministry of information specialists as the tourism sector-based and prepared this project, has been ' emphasis on the importance of establishing an independent body to this annex to ensure its independence to ensure proper performance of the tasks entrusted to it and once the Department of legal advice and legislation of reviewing this project and emptied in the legal form The occasion will be sent to the concerned (Ministry of information) to turn to the Council of Ministers to move a writ action '.
Shayeji said that ' what other States, especially the GCC countries in this area was not confined to the establishment of the Higher Council of tourism sector but initiated legislation establishing independent bodies and ministries of tourism, which greatly helped in the rapid delivery of decisions taken in the field of tourism and has had a clear impact on economic reform and create many job opportunities for youth and diversity of income sources in those States. She invited alـshayji to ' be planning, development and management of tourism is part of a strategy of sustainable development and countries ' with emphasis on the role of the State in the care and development of tourism in the country requires the enactment of legislation on this matter, including the establishment of a public body are to manage this important facility dedicated to identifying, protecting and tourist areas as well as working on the development of the traditional tourist areas and archaeological sites in the country. She continued: ' this must mean legislation to determine the license terms of tourist installations and determine levels ensure the tourist on a decent level of service in addition to the legal protection of tourist facilities.
The State of Kuwait was considered shayeji OLT ' particular attention to tourism development began with the establishment of the tourism sector mean that where the Ministry of finance to provide funds only in light of the steady development of industry and tourism worldwide as one of the most important financial trade goods she had seen the State represented by the Ministry of information necessary to prepare a Bill to create an independent public authority for tourism to manage this important facility dealing with its affairs.

Shafiq Omar: tourism and youth speaking to Youth Affairs Assistant at the Department of State for Youth Affairs Shafiq Ahmed alsidamr ' tourism in the eyes of young people, the Gulf state of Kuwait were less in terms of percentage of attracting tourists in Kuwait and marketing for tourism facilities in Kuwait too weak and difficulty of entry procedures – cards-to the State of Kuwait, stated that young people spend a high percentage of the five billion dollar amount spent by Kuwaiti tourists abroad annually. In order to stimulate tourism in Kuwait Mr Omar suggested that the short term plans and long term plans ' separately ', including facilities maintenance and short as the National Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises that tourism is a priority in order to promote youth tourism projects ideas for financing by the Fund, such as projects to organize trips to the Islands and the cable cars and buses roaming. Long range plans include providing spaces to attract companies and Kirby foreign hotels and projects such as creating an international rain on Bubiyan Island, Kuwait Islands and coasts usage as it is raised by the State as a future plan, youth participation in the preparation of these plans, preparation of controls and regulations on small and medium-sized enterprises to make environmentally-friendly tourism, and keep the law and compliance with safety standards. Omar said that the State Ministry of Youth Affairs are going to ask wabgath studies such as the national youth survey, and said: ' we are ready to provide you with the requirements with regard to youth tourism '. Mr Seal lifetime advocacy of the establishment of an independent body for tourism, youth participate in this body ' to provide a vision for the future of the State of Kuwait and make them focus attention to tourism in the Arab world '.

Supreme Council for planning: on behalf of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Economic Planning Department Director Mr Hari, on the role of the Council in planning for the future of tourism and tourism site in development plans and programmes or tourism relationship components of these plans. For example, has offered the role of tourism in the development plans of countries until 2020 and also view tourism projects that are expected to be completed by either B.O.T or through partnership between the cutters. General

Manager of Kuwait municipal engineer Saad Al-muhailbi: engineer Saad Al-muhailbi Manager organization chart in the municipality of Kuwait gave a detailed presentation of the tourist areas included within the organization chart of State noted the importance of implementing these projects that serve the tourism sector of the State.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Fund for the care and development of small and medium enterprises Dr Mohamed Zahir. Turning to the importance of development and represent doctor tourism development in Kuwait, where could that help National Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises in creating opportunities for young people to create projects in support of the tourism sector

Civil Aviation open skies: the first session of the Conference held on Tuesday under the heading ' tourism in Kuwait/reality and hospitality sectors relevant walalkhedmat Murtaja ' included involving the General Civil Aviation Administration Chief Fawaz Abdulaziz joy who talked about the relationship between this vital sector and tourism, confirmed that in the General Administration of civil aviation of Envolve based tourism development in the State of Kuwait and to support them in their drive to benefit the nation and the citizen '. Vulvar introduced to most of the world's attention to tourism development comes from its own with the time that tourism contributes to economic and community development, becoming one of the most important sources of national income., as the air transport sector also contributes to greater role in economic and community development, and is one of the most important tourist development for being the most used in transporting tourists beside its role in facilitating the movement of goods and people. As well as contributing to the growth of the tourism sector in increasing demand for air transport. The importance of this reflected the utilitarian link between aviation and tourism in the world picture of cooperation between the two largest specializing in these areas: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Tourism Organization. Where was Montreal on March 18th date 2013 sign joint statement on aviation and tourism, in recognition of the structure of these alokalatin of the United Nations in launching closer cooperation on matters of common priority. ' Joy explained that ' in the State of Kuwait updated the regulatory framework for aviation, and that by applying a policy of ' open skies ' since 2006, according to the high visibility of his Highness the Amir-may Allaah make State of Kuwait financial and commercial centre in the region. The signature has already been a large number of bilateral agreements between the State of Kuwait and freed a group of countries in the world, and update a number of other existing bilateral conventions to edit such flights operating constraints and capacity '. He said: we can confirm that these new and amended bilateral conventions opened the field for national and foreign airlines together in linking various Kuwait airport airports in the world, either direct or indirect linkage via intermediate points, facilitating the movement of departing and arriving tourists without discomfort.
Joy said the General Administration of civil aviation of the ' primary role in providing all facilities to the airlines, and these facilities-for example-free ground services at Kuwait International Airport, and permanent improvement and development of services within Kuwait international airport building. He noted that he ' despite increased air traffic at Kuwait International Airport exceeded the capacity of the terminal building, we are sparing no effort to provide all means to alleviate the congestion and passenger traffic flows and coming with ease-as much as possible. Stamping with reference to ' future plans to improve the infrastructure of Kuwait International Airport where the Directorate General for civil aviation is currently overseeing creation ' supportive ' terminal to accommodate approximately 4.5 million passengers per year to be a transitional phase until the completion of a new building for passengers to accommodate increased traffic until 2050.
Also talked about the project posed recently to create a third runway at the airport in Kuwait, and recreate the East runway of the airport, and after completion of this project, the Department will ask the West grandstand redevelopment project at the airport. And the prescribed period for these projects will take about five years. The Department also directly implement many navigational systems development projects with the participation of international companies to achieve the highest level of efficiency and safety of civil aviation and the State of Kuwait.

Survivors: results of the Conference and on the other hand, recommendations on the sidelines of the Conference, the General Coordinator of the Conference ' tourism and development in Kuwait: reality and future ' and Secretary General of the Kuwait Hotel Owners Association, Mr Mohamed Anis survivors, about the great satisfaction of the course of the Conference and the issues raised by the speakers at the hearings pointing out serious attention that accompanied his works either by conference sponsor Minister of information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Hammud Al-Sabah morning and womthli information Ministry leaders and Government agencies and private sectors. Survivors said it was forming a Committee to draft the final statement and recommendations of the Conference and its recommendations will be submitted to the Minister of information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs and then to the Council of Ministers and the Council of the nation and broadcast in two days. According to the Organizing Committee was keen to involve all public officials and private sector representatives involved in the topic of the Conference.
The first day of the Conference was marked by the opening words, after meeting officials and also participated the representatives and experts of hospitality and entertainment sectors and services, culture, arts and media, having chaired the meeting Dr massouma former Planning Minister and Professor of political science at Kuwait University, and they occur in addition to President of General Administration of civil aviation civil aviation; Ms Rasha Turkey Kuwait Airways Board Chairman and Managing Director of the Kuwait Airways; the engineer on Al-yoha-Secretary-General of the National Council for culture, arts and literature; and Rabah Abdul Rahman, General Manager of the Chamber Of Commerce and industry of Kuwait; and the ceo of delivery requests applications for restaurants, Mr Mohammed Nabil Jaafar, Eqbal Al-QABAS newspaper, writer and businessman Bob hoteliers ' Union Member and Gnostic Manager ' Gnostic ' Foundation. It should be noted that the Conference organized by the company ' leaders sunset consulting and development ' in cooperation with the tourism sector in the Ministry of information.

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